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Taoyuan shines as if a rising sun.

It nourishes the grains and polishes the tools, unveiling a promising future where Hakka Farmers and cultural and creative industry thrive together.
It pulls people together at the Tien Gong grocery store, where people are immersed in a warmhearted Hakka culture that reflects the beauty of life.


Hakka Cultural and Creative Industry X Hakka Farmers X Hakka Industries and Skills

Taoyuan City Department of Hakka Affairs and Taoyuan Hakka Culture Foundation together has named Pingzhen Xinfu market the Tien Gong Grocery Store, offering a space for local Hakka industries and brands to thrive.
Tien Gong Grocery Store provides both in-store and online shopping experiences. In addition to in-store shopping, startup younger brands are welcome to our E-Commerce platform while being connected to one another.
You are welcome to join us at Tien Gong Grocery Store, where we share Taoyuan’s bountiful and extraordinary Hakka culture and creative industries.


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